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Applications Due February 23, 2024

$1M available for cancer-related projects! The CFCCC is accepting proposals now. The overall objectives of the CFCCC Pilot Awards are to: (1) increase the number of extramural peer-reviewed grant awards, particularly collaborative and multi-PI grants; (2) support the development of investigator-initiated early phase clinical trial protocols by clinical investigators, particularly interventional trials; (3) advance novel diagnostic or screening technologies, therapeutic molecules or devices, and bio-behavioral interventions from bench to bedside; and (4) advance research on cancer control, cancer population science, and pediatric cancers.

ACC Pilot Projects Basic Eligibility




Early-Stage Investigator Award

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    This opportunity provides support for early-stage investigators.

      The PI must meet the basic eligibility requirements and be an early-stage investigator (ESI) as defined by NIH:

      • Must have completed their terminal research degree or end of post-graduate clinical training, whichever is later, within the last 10 years
      • Must not have previously competed successfully as PI for a substantial NIH independent research award

      Standard Award review criteria apply.

        ESI applications will be reviewed in a separate pool.

          In addition, peer reviewers are instructed to focus more on the proposed approach than on track record, and to expect less preliminary data than would be provided by established investigators.

          Standard Award

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            This opportunity provides support for investigators at all levels.

              The PI must meet the basic eligibility requirements.

              Applications will be peer reviewed in accordance with NIH’s scoring system with explicit emphasis placed on the near-term impact (i.e., within 1-2 years).

                Applicants will receive a copy of the review comments in an anonymous format.

                  Projects that address one or more of the priority areas will be scored more favorably.

                    Projects that extend basic science to a clinical or translational capacity, leverage CFCCC Shared Resources, collaborate with DOTs, or involve significant new collaborations will be ranked more favorably.

                      Inter/intra-programmatic collaboration between Cancer Center members are strongly encouraged.

                      Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Improvement Award

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                        This opportunity provides support for:

                        • Investigators from historically disenfranchised racial and ethnic groups that are under-represented in health sciences and cancer research,
                        • Individuals with physical or mental disabilities that substantially limits one or more major life activities, or
                        • Those with a personal or professional background of economic disadvantage
                          • Refer to the NIH operational definitions of under-represented groups. Research can be in any area relevant to the RFP.

                          Standard Award review criteria apply.

                          Re-entry After Dependent Care Award

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                            This opportunity provides support for investigators whose research has been interrupted for at least 6 months by significant but temporary family care responsibilities (e.g., childbirth; childbearing complications; child-rearing; caring for an ill, disabled, or elderly family member).

                              Funds are meant to provide support for ongoing research and assist with addressing gaps in research productivity (e.g., obtaining preliminary data for grant submission).

                                Applicants must demonstrate a compelling need that is related to research activity interruption due to caregiving responsibilities and are expected to describe the caregiving burden and impact of this caregiving on capacity to conduct research and/or financially support their research program.

                                Standard Award review criteria apply.

                                Multi-PI (Team Science) Award

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                                  This important opportunity provides support for activities that require a team science approach. The goal is to encourage collaboration among equals and preparation of competitive applications for larger extramural awards.

                                    The PIs must meet the basic eligibility requirements, demonstrate shared responsibility and authority for leading the project, and identify the extramural award application the proposed research will support.

                                      Applicants are encouraged to contact CFCCC prior to submission to discuss the appropriateness of their proposed research for this opportunity.

                                      Standard Award review criteria apply.

                                        In addition, peer reviewers are instructed to evaluate whether the scientific goals of the project justify a multi-PI (team science) approach. As with NIH P01 applications, it is expected that the multiple components of the applications are stronger together than if submitted separately.

                                        Every penny of the funds raised by Anti-Cancer Challenge participants are directed towards advancing innovative basic, translational and clinical cancer research that will lead to the next breakthroughs in cancer treatment. Learn more about the ACC Challenge, past awardees, and team funds here.