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Mentorship, Education and Training (MET) Program

The CFCCC Mentorship, Education and Training (MET) Program is a short-term mentoring program designed to build upon the expertise of CFCCC leaders with the goal of supporting junior and mid-career CFCCC faculty and to catalyze strategies to overcoming career and scientific challenges. Each MET participant kicks off their experience by presenting a brief overview of their research program including identifying any challenges they have encountered to an advisory panel of 3-5 senior CFCCC investigators. These experts provide structured guidance on next steps, available resources, and help facilitate collaborations for the junior/mid-career faculty member. The MET participant is then paired with a primary mentor who continues to meet with them for 9 months and serves as a thought-partner for challenges along the way. The MET experience culminates at the CFCCC Annual Scientific Retreat (held at the end of September), in which the MET junior/mid-career faculty presents the outcomes of their experience as part of the retreat agenda.


  • October 18, 2021: Request for Applications Released
  • November 30, 2021: Applications Due
  • January 2022: MET Advisory Panels
  • January 2022-September 2022: Quarterly Mentor Meetings; Monthly Email Check-ins
  • End of September 2022: Annual Scientific Retreat Presentation/End of MET Experience


Junior and mid-career faculty Cancer Center Members and Associate Members are eligible to apply for the MET Program.

If you are interested in the MET Program, please click the link below to submit an application through RedCap. Please be prepared to provide a list of all grants submitted, clinical trials open and/or in development, abstracts/presentations submitted, and publications accepted/published for the past two years.

  • You will need to meet with your chair (and/or your division chief, if appropriate) to obtain approval to participate and to identify the time in your schedule to participate.
  • You must commit to quarterly meetings with your mentor(s) along with monthly email updates.
  • You must agree to present at the MET panel at the CFCCC Annual Scientific Retreat (held annually at the end of September).

For questions, please email