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Biotechnology, Imaging & Drug Development

The broad goal is to utilize novel computational, chemical, and engineering-based approaches to detect, diagnose, and treat cancer.

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Systems, Pathways & Targets

The broad goal of is to discover new aspects of cancer biology that can be exploited for the development of novel treatments and diagnostics.

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Cancer Control

The broad goal is to foster and facilitate research designed to identify and reduce cancer risk, and to improve cancer outcomes throughout the disease continuum.

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All categories of members are provided regular information, primarily through CFCCC Bulletins from Constant Contact, about Center research activities, symposia, education and outreach, and other activities in furtherance of the Cancer Center mission.  All categories of members, in addition, receive many benefits like the following:

  • Priority access and subsidy to CFCCC Shared Resources
  • Publication rebate for acknowledgement of Shared Resources
  • Ability to apply to intramural funds provided by the Cancer Center including pilot project and bridge funding
  • Pre-award support for clinical trial contracts through the Sue and Ralph Stern Center for Cancer Clinical Trials & Research (Stern Center)
  • Integration into one or more of the Disease-Oriented Teams (DOTs) responsible for feasibility review and approval of all clinical research
  •  Administrative pre- and post-award management of major, collaborative funding proposals characterized by substantial, multidisciplinary participation of researchers