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The mission of the IVFOI is to enhance and support basic and clinical cancer researchers by providing them with the necessary expertise, imaging instrumentation, and image analysis techniques. The major achievements during this funding cycle are the following:

  • Provide high-quality image acquisition and data analysis services for translational clinical studies
  • Establish several multi-modality imaging systems to support innovative imaging studies
  • Develop several cutting-edge technologies for quantitatively accurate and high-resolution small animal imaging.

In the next cycle we will continue to develop along these areas to support various scienti­fic needs of the investigators at the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center in performing in-vivo imaging studies.

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Existing systems (on Irvine campus):

  • MR: 3.0 T (human)
  • MR: 4.0 T (human and animal )
  • MR: 7.0 T (animal)
  • Combined MR & Di‑use Optical Tomography (animal)
  • Combined X-ray microCT & Fluorescence/Bioluminescence Tomography (animal)
  • Portable Ultrasound System (SonoSite 180plus)

Existing Systems (located at UC Irvine Medical Center):

  • PET/CT (clinical scanner available at medical center)
  • SPECT/CT (clinical scanner available at medical center)
  • MR (1.5 & 3 T - clinical scanner available at medical center)

Systems currently under development:

  • Combined MRI & Fluorescence Optical Tomography (human breast and animal)
  • Temperature Modulated Fluorescence Tomography
  • Photo-Magnetic Imaging


  • Design imaging studies into current project
  • Assist in the preparation of materials for future grant applications
  • Start up imaging protocols
  • Obtain imaging data acquisition/gather prospective, retrospective data sets