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FY22 Melanoma Research Program (MRP)

Please refer to the FY22 MRP website and Synopsis page for additional information about scope and eligibility.


The MRP challenges the research community to prevent melanoma initiation and progression. The clinical, research, and patient communities traditionally view prevention as the use of sunscreen/blockers to protect melanocytes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The MRP tasks the research community to redefine prevention to include the entire melanomagenesis process for all variants of melanoma. A new paradigm of prevention includes improved detection and monitoring capabilities, as well as inhibiting the initiation of melanoma, the emergence from tumor dormancy, and the development of metastases. The MRP believes that the research community can rise to the challenge to inhibit melanoma earlier in the disease progression to prevent metastasis and increase survival.

With the exception of those studies investigating rare melanomas, the FY22 MRP is not requesting research into established macrometastatic disease, models of metastatic disease using established cell lines, or treatment of macrometastatic disease. Studies involving non-melanoma skin cancers are not allowed under the FY22 MRP.

Melanoma Academy Scholar Award (MASA) (LOI: Sept 14, 2022)

$550K / 3 years (early career)

Mid-Career Accelerator Award (MCAA) (LOI: Sept 14, 2022)

$725K / 3 years

Team Science Award (TSA) (LOI: Sept 14, 2022)

$1M / 3 years

Focused Program Award-Rare Melanomas (FPA) (LOI: Sept 14, 2022)

$2M / 4 years (pilot clinical trials allowed)