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FY22 Kidney Cancer Research Program (KCRP)


The KCRP’s vision is to eliminate kidney cancer through collaboration and discovery. The mission of the FY21 KCRP is to promote rigorous, innovative, high-impact research in kidney cancer for the benefit of Service Members, Veterans, and the American public. Within this context, the KCRP is interested in supporting research and clinical care that addresses the KCRP Overarching Strategic Goals to: (1) increase understanding of the biology of kidney cancer; (2) develop novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of kidney cancer; (3) improve patient care for kidney cancer; and (4) grow the field and increase collaboration in the area of kidney cancer. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read and consider the KCRP Strategic Plan, which includes further information on the overarching goals and program priorities, before preparing their applications. The KCRP Strategic Plan may be found at

Idea Development Award (IDA)

Funding Details: $675K / 3 years

Early Detection Studies Option: $700K / 3 years

Population Science and Prevention Studies Option: $2M / 4 years

Translational Research Partnership Award (TRPA)

Funding Details: $750K / 3 years

Concept Award

Funding Details: $100K / 1 year

Postdoctoral Clinical Fellowship Award (PCFA)

Funding Details: $195K / 3 years