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DEC 06Tom Fox is looking forward to college and a career after UC Irvine neuro-oncologists helped him battle brain cancer.
DEC 01UC Irvine non-small cell lung cancer study highlights advances in targeted drug therapy.
NOV 23Finding the ‘fingerprints’ of prostate cancer: Dr. Dan Mercola’s genetic biomarker tests enable earlier detection and more effective treatment
NOV 18Preventing Colon Cancer: Dr Frank Meyskens speaks to International Innovation about the development of a revolutionary therapeutic prevention for colorectal cancer, and the encouraging results of associated trials thus far
NOV 09Dr. Leonard Sender, director of clinical oncology services at UC Irvine's Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, tells the Wall Street Journal about young-adult cancer patients' special needs.
OCT 28Non-small cell lung cancer patients saw their tumors stabilize or shrink in clinical trials, UC Irvine oncologist Dr. Ignatius Ou and colleagues report in the New England Journal of Medicine.
OCT 01Comprehensive Cancer Program Receives Accreditation from Commission on Cancer
SEP 27Alarmed by a growth on her ovary, a soccer-playing mom makes a game plan
SEP 27Tom Fox is looking forward to college and a career after UC Irvine neuro-oncologists helped him battle brain cancer
SEP 21UC Irvine Healthcare's highly trained gynecologic cancer specialists are using the surgical robot and advanced treatments in the battle against ovarian and other reproductive cancers, boosting women's recovery and survival rates.
SEP 17Visualizing Victory over Breast Cancer: Dual-energy mammography is the latest imaging technique pioneered by UCI researchers to battle the deadly disease
AUG 2Robots redefining cancer surgery
JUL 22Dr. Rita Mehta's research has led to more effective breast cancer treatments, with lifesaving results.
JUL 22UC Irvine's Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center is first in California to win certification for high-quality patient care from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
JUL 09Grand opening slated for the Queen of Hearts Foundation Ovarian Cancer Research Laboratory
JUL 6Overcoming ovarian cancer
JUN 16It's "too early" to say whether cell-phone use causes tumors to the head or body, UC Irvine neuro-oncologist Dr. Daniela Bota tells the Orange County Register.
JUN 04UC Irvine study finds high survival rates among breast cancer patients given chemotherapy drug trastuzumab before surgery.
MAY 21Curing thyroid cancer with new, minimally invasive robotic surgery
MAY 13Dr. Leslie M. Randall, gynecologic oncologist at UC Irvine's Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, to lead May 22 symposium on advances in ovarian cancer
APR 29Saving your skin. UCI’s new pigmented lesion program monitors people at high risk of dermatological cancer.
APR 27Taking Aim at Gynecologic Cancer: New techniques and therapies give hope to women.
APR 16Warming the heart
MAR 09From breast cancer patient to bride-to-be
FEB 18Grateful to be back on the job
JAN 04A handheld laser scanner developed by UC Irvine researchers improves the detection and treatment of breast cancer.