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MAR 07UC Irvine researchers led by Dr. Anand K. Ganesan have identified a key mutation that allows melanoma tumor cells to hide from the body's immune system.
FEB 28How to respond to soaring rates of colorectal cancer in young adults is a challenge for health providers, UC Irvine oncologist Dr. Jason Zell tells the New York Times.
FEB 24Stern Center Director Susan O'Brien, MD, discusses frontline treatment options for patients with newly diagnosed chronic lymphocytic leukemia in a video for Cancer Network.
FEB 10Study of Twitter-based smoking cessation program gets $2.5 million from NIH
FEB 01Mathematician Qing Nie awarded foundation grant to study cancer drug resistance
JAN 04Restyling nature’s designs to create cancer-fighting vaccines


DEC 06Taking the lead with ovarian cancer: Survivor finds UC Irvine Health specialists who vow to try everything
NOV 15UC Irvine prostate cancer project awarded $1.2 million by state precision medicine initiative.
OCT 05The p53 protein is mutated in half of all cancers. New drugs aim to fix it before it’s too late
OCT 03Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center major donors Sue and Ralph Stern are honored as 2016 UC Irvine Health Heroes.
AUG 01UC Irvine scientists identify a new approach for treating skin cancer
MAY 09Cancer cells hijack body's internal clocks, UC Irvine study finds
APR 29UC Irvine oncologist Dr. Sai-Hong Ignatius Ou is at the forefront of new targeted therapy for lung cancer
APR 26Treating precancerous cells saves a UC Irvine patient's esophagus
APR 16UC Irvine study finds safer stem cell-derived therapy for brain radiation recovery