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The Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center has established the BBSR to further the research goals of cancer center members, both full and associate, and to mentor junior faculty.

The BBSR assists cancer center investigators in conducting and communicating research of the highest possible quality.

The primary activities of the BBSR include consultation on behavioral and/or quality-of-life self-report measurement, research design, data collection, interpretation of self-report data, manuscript preparation and counseling interventions within clinical trials.

The BBSR has participated in translational research in psychoneuroimmunology, examination of behavioral issues that enhance recruitment and compliance within cancer center clinical trials and development of behavioral and quality of life outcomes associated with clinical trials.

The aim of the BBSR is to support cancer researchers by providing them with the necessary expertise and assistance to incorporate Patient/Participant-Reported Outcomes (PROs), health related Quality of Life (QOL), and counseling interventions within clinical trials into their research.


  • PRO Instrument Selection
  • PRO Instrument Development
  • Research Design Consideration
  • Data Collection Strategies
  • Results Interpretation
  • Patient Counseling

Director: Lari Wenzel, PhD
Phone: 949.824.3926

Facility Manager:  Chelsea McKinney, PhD, MPH
Phone: 949.824.3384

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Note: the BBSR iLab site will go live on May 17, 2021

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